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    Tableau Online vs Tableau server

    Tableau Guru

      Can someone provide answers to the below  questions :


      1. Tableau Online vs Tableau Server
        • Capabilities wise what is the difference?  Apart from the ability to LIVE connect to On Prem data sources & Guest access?
        • What flexibility, if any, are we losing by choosing Tableau Online over Tableau Server?
      2. Optimization of different workloads
        • Extracts vs Subscriptions, users etc. With Tableau server, Organization would distribute different services across different nodes, how is this handled with Tableau Online?
        • What metrics would be available for us to monitor Tableau Online -  CPU, Memory, Latency, queuing?
        • What actions can we take on Tableau Online side?
      3. With Tableau Online on AWS-
        • We see that all permanent data stores (RDS – Postgres) and EBS Volumes are encrypted at rest. What gets stored in EBS volumes?  Extracts???
        • Where are Extracts stored? – S3? If so, can we choose to use our own S3
      4. With Tableau Online – Being multitenant environment with immediate upgrades with no downtime upgrade.
        • How is this accomplished, is it a Blue / Green upgrade??
        • We assume Desktop clients can still continue to be in different versions?
        • If we are on a tight release schedule, can we opt to skip a upgrade and catch up later – all upgrade are “on top” upgrades, so we assume we should be ok?
        • How to organizations handle / automate desktop upgrades? We assume it’s a windows policy change to allow automatic upgrades of Tableau Desktop like other windows s/w’s. Is there anything that our windows team should know?
      5. Managing and using Data Extracts & Subscriptions –
        • Are there any limitations on storage limit – especially for Extracts. We assume none?
      6. DR -  We assume Tableau Online seem to have replication to another AZ. What sort of replication is this – real time?  We assume so?
        • SSO – Single Sign on using OKTA (Scenario 1: Initiated using Tableau Online URL & Scenario 2:Initiated from OKTA)
        • Row level Security Options & Best practices
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          Chris McClellan

          All these answers are in the documentation somewhere, but I'll answer what I can


          1a.  Guest access is only available on a Core License, so not all Server installations have Guest access.  Online can connect to on-prem data sources using Bridge.  So the differences aren't really that great.  The biggest differences I see is cost and version number.  Server - you have to pay for the hardware you're running Tableau on and upgrade your version when you want.  Online - you don't pay for hosting, but it's upgraded by Tableau when they decide to upgrade (usually 24 BEFORE the new version is released)


          1b.  You can't create your own schedules on Online, so if you want to refresh something every 15 mins, you can't do that - you can on Server.  There is some other minor differences as well, but nothing I can think of immediately.


          2a Magically behind the scenes    You can't see or control this at all


          2b None of those.  You can't see any hardware specs with Online, you don't actually need to.  BUT in Australia we do see when refreshes take more time in the afternoon which aligns to 7am-9am EMEA time - meaning there's more refreshes using Online resources.


          2c.  None, but that's the beauty is that Tableau does it all for you.


          3 I don't know the specifics on any of this, but I would doubt you can see anything on S3.


          4a.  You usually get an email a few days before to warn you of the outage.  The duration of the outage and the effect of the users is clearly communicated.  There is usually a small downtime window.


          4b.  Sure, these days the Server vs Desktop versioning is less critical, but once the server is upgraded you can only access the new features by upgrading Desktop as well


          4c For Online ? NO, you have no choice.  Tableau tells you when they are upgrading and that's it.  If you're running Server you can upgrade when you feel it's necessary


          4d Corporations handle it in different ways, it depends on your SOE strategy and how much access users have to install new software


          5 Hmmm ... yes there is restrictions with Online.  It's something like 10GB per user but please check that number before quoting it.


          6 Unsure, I've only ever used named users when using Online.

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            David Li

            Just wanted to say that we use Tableau Online for our enterprise, and it's fine except that the multi-tenant isn't done right. Server compute resources are not logically isolated between tenants, so we've waited over 90 minutes at times for our refreshes to run because some other tenant was running them. It's absurd.

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              Chris McClellan

              Tableau Guru can you please mark an answer as correct or let me know if you have more questions ?