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    How to get a dynamic rolling average from survey data

    Herschel Singer

      Hi there,


      I need to represent the overall average on a 1-10 question scale for a given month. To provide context I also give a three-month comparison. Right now, I have to manually go back into the worksheet which creates the three month comparison and manually switch the months which I want represented. What I want my via to do is when I change the month filter on the dashboard, it will automatically adjust the 'rolling average' worksheet to become populated with the data from the three months directly preceding it. I assume this requires a parameter, but I have not been able to make it work.


      The most important ability is to simply have the numeral act in this dynamic way. The cherry on top would be to also make the rolling line graph on the dashboard act in the same way, and then be able to overlay that graph upon the individual month graph to see how specific responses vary.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated - thank you!