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    Alternative of TabPy

    Anirban Sen



      So I have a python code which runs a classification model pulling data from a database. The data to be chosen to be pulled is based from a user input which is supposed to be a Tableau dashboard. The output should be provided to the Tableau dashboard. I researched on the internet that TabPy is a solution but for running it on a production server, we need to buy a TabPy server which has some cost too. Is there in any alternative for TabPy for my cause?

      I would be grateful for any leads.



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          Nathan Mannheimer

          Hi Anirban,


          There are a few options you could consider here. The first would be to pre-compute all values in the dataset and load the entire set of data int Tableau Server. This would eliminate the need to run Python dynamically and thus to have a separate TabPy Server. This is also something you could do by integrating TabPy into Tableau Prep running on a local machine. It's worth noting that TabPy is a very light application and so requires fairly small hardware allocations to run effectively.