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    Troubleshooting Isochrones & Mapbox travel time application

    Jonathan Sinkin



      I am working on building a tool that dynamically calculates drive time (in minutes) by using TabPy. To build this workbook, I referenced this amazing How-To website (Isochrones with Tableau and Mapbox – DATAISM ). Essentially, I followed the instructions step-by-step and when I try to map my customer points, the python functions create an issue.


      To replicate this error: on the tab sheet 2, drag the field "EntityType" onto shapes and you should see the following error...


      Unexpected number of results returned by SCRIPT function. Function expected 19 values; 3040 values were returned.

      Error Code: 6605BCF0


      ... What I am trying to do here is assign a blank shape to the points that are creating the border of the shaded area and I will assign custom shapes to the other entity types.


      So I have 2 questions to fix this workbook:

      1) Why am I getting this error? Can someone please recommend a fix to the code if needed?

      2) Is it possible to have Isochrones to return drivetimes over 60 minutes? Is it possible to pass hours as a parameter?



      Side note: I do not know how to code Python. My intent is to build a tool that is easily repeatable by just modifying my Location Table.



      Thanks in Advance!