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    Using REST API / TSC to update a data source description

    Benjamin Torgesen

      Hello All,


      I'm using the REST API and Tableau Server Client (Python) utilities to publish common data sources to all of the sites on our enterprise Tableau server. Everything is working fine except for the ability to update the About (description) section. These are the two official documents I've been using:


      Tableau Server Client (Python) - https://tableau.github.io/server-client-python/docs/api-ref#data-sources

      Standard REST API - https://help.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/REST/rest_api_ref_datasources.htm


      Each of them mentions quite a few data source attributes that can be updated. An example is the certification_note. I can use the following code to set a data source to "Certified" and update the note field:


      # Update the data source description

      new_datasource.certified = True

      new_datasource.certification_note = 'Please find additional information about this data source here...'


      updated_datasource = server.datasources.update(new_datasource)


      However, there doesn't appear to be an attribute for the description. I've tried new_datasource.description and other variations, but nothing will update the About (description) field.


      Does anyone know what data source attribute (accessible via the REST API) controls the description?