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    Likert Scale, Calculated Field Not Correctly Subtotaling

    Rebecca Schley

      I am following the instructions in this video (LIKERT SCALE TABLEAU TUTORIAL - YouTube ) to create a divergent stacked bar chart visualization of some survey data.  I've successfully done this before, following this same set of instructions.  For some reason, the calculation described at 9:28 in the video is not working for me.  I'm doing a TOTAL(SUM([negative scores])), where NEGATIVE SCORES is a calculated field.  (Calculated field name I am struggling with is "Total Negative Scores.")  The results are not subtotaling by individual question, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make this work.


      Packaged workbook is attached.  I am working in Tableau 2019.1.7.


      Any suggestions on how I can correctly compute this value are appreciated.


      Thank you,