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    Question on Extracts, Refresh and publish

    Sridhar Parthasarathy

      I'm new to Tableau Desktop and Tableau server. On tableau desktop, I wrote a Custom SQL to get data from our oracle database and chosen full refresh extract and created sheets and dashboards. Now I want to publish the workbook and full refresh extract data source to Tableau server to get them run monthly on its own and reflect in dashboards on the tableau server for the Business users.


      I got confused on publishing the data source & workbook into tableau server and setting up the automated full refresh monthly extracts on server. I don't want a live connection between data source of our dashboard and Oracle database instead i need a monthly scheduled extract which will extract data from oracle database automatically so it will save processing time every time when user opens the dashboard on the tableau server.


      Can you please have someone provide me the correct steps/approach for the above.


      What I have tried so far, I published the data source first with screenshots below and then published workbook.





      Then on Tableau server, Screenshots of the published data source and workbook are as below.



      On server, published data source is showing the EXTRACT instead of Live connection and its having Extract refreshed and connected workbook to my published workbook.



      On server, my published workbook is showing the correct data source but its having LIVE, Is it correct ? Please advise.


      Can you please have someone explain about publishing EXTRACT data source and its workbook from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server and confirm above server based data source and workbook screenshots look good or not.


      Note: I'm using Desktop version of 2018.1.