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    Performance and Security: New Site or New Folder

    Eric Brennan

      We have an on-site Tableau 8 Core Server and use Web API to connect and show views. Doing some early research I found that it was more secure to keep data segregated into different sites for different customers. As more customers come online and more sites are created I have a concern for cpu / memory resource management. Most sites will only have 1-4 dashboards in it. Along with only a couple people viewing it a week.


      Question is: How much overhead is there to load up a new site on the server vs a new folder. I think data security is less of an issue since they can not navigate around the site because page loads are controlled via the api. There is no url for them to type in. Currently we have about 20 sites, but I can see that growing fast. .


      Any server admin experts out there who can shed some light on this.


      Many thanks in advance.