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    Converting Excel PowerPivot into Tableau

    Niti Patel



      I am trying to convert below excel powerpivot formula into Tableau. It is calculated field in powerpivot at the database level and looking at the rows. "vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present" is the view name in the database extracting data from the tables and other custom requirement. I was able to open the View in the Tableau but was not successful in converting below. Any help would be really appreciated.


      =CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present'),ALLEXCEPT('vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present','vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present'[trade_id],'vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present'[UBS Trades]))


      =CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present'),ALLEXCEPT('vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present','vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present'[trade_id],'vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present'[UBS Trades],'vBDCTradingViewJan2016-Present'[trade_direction_cust]))


      Thank You.