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    Customized field to support 'what-if' analysis

    Patrick McArdle



      I am working on a target setting template for a number of call centers teams.  I have a tableau dashboard (text table layout) that lists the team names and their current customer satisfaction score.  The idea is to publish a dashboard, enabling stakeholders to input a target (for each value in Dimension 3) based on the teams current performance. 



      Dimension 1Dimension 2Dimension 3Actual ScoreSuggested Score
      BuyChatUK Buy Chat4.2
      FR Buy Chat4.5
      EmailFr Buy Email3.2
      PhoneUK Buy Phone5
      GB Buy Phone4.6
      SCOT Buy Phone3.7


      The last column is for the stakeholder to enter in a suggestion score based on Dimensions 3 (call center team) actual score (which represents their performance for the last 2 months).


      Acknowledging that there can be many values in Dimension 3, does tableau support this kind of activity?.  I have tried using a parameter which can increase or decrease a score, but it will simply do this for all values in Dimension 3.  I.e. its not customizable enough.


      Any advice offered would be much appreciated.