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    Modify Date Ranges for multiple Google Analytics sources simultaneously?


      Hi All,


      I saw a question similar to this posted a year ago but never received an answer so creating this topic. Essentially, I'm recreating a few Google Analytics dashboards in Tableau. I realized that even though I'm using the same exact source, I have to create multiple data connections (to the same Google Analytics source) in Tableau to receive correct non-aggregated data values. Due to this, I have about 9 or 10 different sources to the same exact source with the same date ranges (last month to yesterday as shown below).



      My question is, when I need to refresh my source so that the latest date is included, am I able to refresh all of those sources simultaneous in any way? When I publish to the server would I have to refresh every single one of these sources individually?


      I already have a parameter set on my dashboard that filters all of my worksheets simultaneously, so that's all fine. However, once I need to include the latest dates, I'm not sure how to avoid refreshing each data source individually.