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    Spearman Correlation with Tabpy

    Jednipat Atiwetsakun

           Hi everyone, I have 2 questions to ask your guys.


      First:    I want to calculate the spearman coefficient by use Tabpy as an external service. I try to use calculate spearman correlation instead of Pearson correlation because my data is survey data (from my understand the answer of the survey data is ordinal variable and must use spearman to get the correct correlation and I use Tabpy because Tableau does not have the function to calculate spearman correlation.)

                I want to know that there is a way to use INCLUDE at the function SCRIPT_REALto tell the function to calculate on Customer ID. It says "All fields must be aggregate or constant"

      (i try to follow this guide: https://www.thedataschool.co.uk/brian-scally/how-to-make-a-correlation-matrix-in-tableau/  but adapt from change the way of calculating correlation to my function)



      Second:  Are there other ways to create the visualization to show the relation of the questions and questions?(I want to show how much of the effect that question No.2, No.3, No.4,.. effect with question No.1)