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    Tableau says type mismatch error on join key even after I changed the type of the key column.

    Prashant Saikia

      Hey guys!


      I have 2 Tableau extracts which I am trying to join based on the key "Year" (and 2 other columns). In extract 1, "Year" is of type String, and in extract 2 "YEAR" is of type Whole Number. So, it gives the "type mismatch between join fields" error.


      So, I changed the data type of the "YEAR" field in extract 2 to string. But even now I am getting the same error.

      Could anyone please help me figure out what's wrong and how can I fix it? Thanks!


      EDIT: I noticed another weird thing. To circumvent this weird issue, I decided to create a calculated field called "Year-Str" that returns the string of the YEAR field:

      But when I tried to make the join with this new calculated field, it does not even show up in the join field options:


      What's going on?!