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    U.S. Energy Information Administration Data

    Matthew Stauffer

      I've found the EIA Web Data Connector incredibly useful in the past, but I've recently been unable to access it. I'm wondering if other people are experiencing the same issue and if there's a workaround or another way to obtain monthly fuel prices in New York over the past few years.


      In Tableau Desktop 2019.4.0 (20194.19.1010.1202) 64-bit, I navigate to Web Data Connector, enter the URL (https://wdc.portals.interworks.com/eia_20/), and see an error message on the top ("Woah! We've detected you are loading this in a browser window"), which I don't remember seeing last time I used this connector within Tableau. After going through my selections, this is the error message that pops up:



      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!