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    Unable to publish data source with Tableau Server Client Library

    Guillermo Perez



      I am trying to publish a single table .hyper extract to our Tableau Enterprise server using the python Tableau Server Client library. I get a Bad request Error. I can connect to the server, get the Project name and id but can't publish.


      In the documentations it says " the single table needs to be named Extract and the table must be in the Extract schema (or namespace)".  What is this "Extract Schema" thing??


      I am using the following code, is there an issue with the way I am creating my .hyper file?



      Creating Extract

      # Start a new private local Hyper instance
      with HyperProcess(Telemetry.SEND_USAGE_DATA_TO_TABLEAU, 'Extract') as hyper:
          # Create the extract, replace it if it already exists
          with Connection(hyper.endpoint, 'mydb.hyper', CreateMode.CREATE_AND_REPLACE) as connection:
              schema = TableDefinition('Extract', [
                  TableDefinition.Column('a', SqlType.text()),
                  TableDefinition.Column('b', SqlType.big_int()),
              with Inserter(connection, schema) as inserter:
                      ['x', 1],
                      ['y', 2],


      To Publish:

      new_datasource = TSC.DatasourceItem(project_id)
      new_datasource = server.datasources.publish(
                          new_datasource,'mydb.hyper', 'CreateNew')





      400011: Bad Request

      There was a problem publishing the file 'mydb.hyper'.




      I checked the hyper extract api  documentation and did the "Create an extract (python)"

      I think the connection.catalog.create_schema line was missing. Thanks Geraldine Zanolli for pointing me in the right direction.


      with HyperProcess(Telemetry.SEND_USAGE_DATA_TO_TABLEAU) as hyper:
         print("The HyperProcess has started.")
         with Connection(hyper.endpoint, 'TrivialExample.hyper', CreateMode.CREATE_AND_REPLACE) as connection:
         print("The connection to the Hyper file is open.")
         example_table = TableDefinition(TableName('Extract','Extract'), [
         TableDefinition.Column('rowID', SqlType.big_int()),
         TableDefinition.Column('value', SqlType.big_int()),
         print("The table is defined.")
         with Inserter(connection, example_table) as inserter:
         for i in range (1, 101):
         [ i, i ]
         print("The data was added to the table.")
         print("The connection to the Hyper extract file is closed.")
      print("The HyperProcess has shut down.")