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    Blurriness of exports

    Charles Dean

      Hello Community


      I am relatively new to tableau. I appreciate the software for its complexity; which serves as its power.


      However there are some very severe drawbacks to using it:


      The software has no robust way of exporting high quality images simply. I Have doubled resolutions; switched off compression in Word; exported as pdf, png, tiff. Clients complain about the quality of images. This is data viz 101.


      Matlab, Excel, R; even Python all have basic export functions. Why make it so complicated?


      Assistance please.

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          Budi Lubis

          Hi Charles -

          How did you export your image?


          Export Views and Workbooks - Tableau

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            Charles Dean

            save to tableau public online and then save as png or pdf


            frnakly tableau is just horrible to work with for exports. i spend more time resizing fonts and components to account for the fact that what appears in the software does not appear in the export. parts of labels and so on disappear. a size that fits perfectly in the dashboard then just gets cut randomly from the export. literally hours wasted.

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              Budi Lubis

              Do you have license to Tableau desktop?  You can export from desktop and the quality is pretty high.

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                Charles Dean

                I have been using tableau public and have now downloaded the free trial of tableau desktop.


                I still have the same problem. I have tried:


                - exporting as .emf and bringing into paintbrush to save as tiff

                - saving as pdf and then converting to tiff


                the client has reason to point out the blurriness of the images. i can't justify paying a license for tableau unless images are razor sharp. is this a common problem? quite a few posts about this. please indicate whether i am doing something wrong or whether this is just a flaw in the software. if so i will have to find an alternative solution.


                if I increase dashboard resolution to ridiculous sizes and then reduce in word this does not work either.

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                  Charles Dean

                  is tableau intended solely for web publishing? if so not much use to me

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                    Budi Lubis

                    Hi Charles -

                    I have been using Tableau for the past 2 years and with every presentation that I need to incorporate charts from Tableau, I never encounter any situation with low resolutions.  Here is the method that were used:


                    For worksheet Worksheet > Copy > Image

                    For dashboard Dashboard > Copy Image


                    One last question, how about using screen grab?  Have you tried that before?  If you are still having the issue, it might be computer specific.