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    Calculation impossible

    Bozena Hansen

      I need to find how to made  2 sets:

      60 kaps   + PR     (Unique ' ID ' and on 'Date')

      120 kaps + PR     (Unique ID and Date)


      Se my excel file         

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          Kaz Shakir

          Bozena Hansen,

          I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to achieve, however, based on the information you provided here's what I was able to come up with:


          1.  Create two calculated fields using level of detail (LOD) expressions to determine if a record contains 120 kap, 60 kap, or PR:


          2. If a record contains both items, then the result of those calculated fields will be 2, or greater.  Now, create two indicator fields to determine if the record is in either of the two sets:


          3. Finally, use this information to create the Result calculated field like so:


          Then you can place all on a viz, to see the all the values:


          Does that give you the result you are seeking?  Please let us know.