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    Tableau Server: Pass login via C#

    Thomas Blatt



      I've a C# / .NET application and an on-premise tableau server.


      Actually we call different URL from our application which redirect to our Tableau website, e.g.:



      This works well, but we have to login before we can see our view.


      Now I try in my application to automatically login with username and password, so that I can call the URL directly. But here I stuck.


      I wrote a XML file and with HttpWebResponse I have a token, e.g. "LJMEm0vZTwKi9ob9Vuc94g|nJxwyEZhNBerZ1HRhnQmAjNeoWqiWYAO".


      Can I use this to pass the login?

      Or do I need a trusted ticket? (But here I've read, that I have to whitelist all IPs, but that's not possible, because my .NET application is running on different systems)


      Can anyone help me with this?