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    Tool to monitor tableau server disk space, cpu alert

    Bhavana Khairnar

      Hi Guys,


      I have read this article Notifications, Monitoring, and Tuning - Tableau  how we can use tableau to monitor our cpu usage, RAM and disk space usage. I need some tool which will monitor the these resources of tableau server and send out a mail right away to the admins.


      Is there something which we can use other than perfmon? Like alerts specially, i dont think the tableau alerts are working the way i want. I want to get alert when cpu usage threshold crosses 70% from 2nd dec 2019 onwards, but 1st mail which i received from tableau was when first time it happened on 17th Nov 2019, But As I'm creating alert today i.e. 2nd dec 2019 i want tableau to send me alert if something happens after today, but i get these type of mails when CPU threshold is crossed any time in past.


      What i'm trying to say what is the use of sending mails to me of past scenarios, i want to get notified if it happens in future.



      Does this make sense? I don't know why while creating alert there is no option of selecting this day forward.


      So i want a tool which will give me alert the moment it starts happening. in future or in present not anything from past.