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    Grand total not appearing when multiplying two calculated values

    Sameer Sharma



      I got stuck with my analysis in finding grand total when multiplying two calculated values.


      A little information about my report. I have AMOUNT and VOLUME by month and year. First I Calculated "COST_PER_CASE" by dividing AMOUNT by VOLUME. Then I calculated difference between COST_PER_CASE of current year month vs last year month by using lookup formula (formula mentioned below). After doing this calculation, I wanted to calculate SAVING based on DIFFERENCE X VOLUME of current year. I got the correct result for each month but Grand Total is not coming.



      Difference Formula : ZN(SUM([COST_PER_CASE])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([COST_PER_CASE]))



      Any help and/or advice would be highly appreciated.


      Thank you,



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