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    "Show tabs" error when moving workbook project using API

    Ed Freeman

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to move someone else's workbook using the https://help.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/REST/rest_api_ref.htm#update_workbook API. I have View and Save access to both the original and destination project. I have the Explorer (Can Publish) site role. I have Move permissions on the workbook I'm trying to move. In other words, I'm doing everything it says in the "Move content" docs here: Permissions - Tableau.


      Through the UI, it works fine. I click the ellipsis on the workbook, hit "Move", select the destination project, and the workbook moves successfully.


      However, when trying to perform the operation through the API, I get the error:


      <error code="403033">
          <detail>'Ed.Freeman' isn't authorized to change whether workbook '<id>' should show tabs.</detail>


      Here's my request:


      PUT {{host}}/api/3.2/sites/{{site_id}}/workbooks/{{workbook}}

      Content-Type: application/json

      X-Tableau-Auth: {{token}}


      with the request body:


        "workbook": {
            "project": {
                "id": "<dest_project_id>"


      As you can see, I'm not specifying a value for the "showTabs" property in the request. According to the docs, the default value is false (but I'd rather there not be a value sent to the server for that at all, if possible).


      What I've found is that if I'm given the "Set Permissions" capability on the workbook, I can perform the above request successfully.


      Is there any way around this without having to have the Set Permissions capability? Or is there another API I can use to move a workbook to another project?