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    Job Posting: 2 'Data for Good' Positions in DC Area - Services for (a) Children or (b) Homelessness

    Dennis Linders

      My organization is looking for two analytics experts who are passionate about using data for public impact. These positions will focus on (a) vulnerable children and families or (b) homeless residents in Montgomery County, Maryland, right outside of DC. Job posting below for your consideration -- I think it will make a good fit for the folks in this community...


      Are you interested in using data to solve big and important problems in new ways — like improving the effectiveness of homeless prevention programs, identifying barriers to equitable service delivery, or targeting social services to the specific needs of individual neighborhoods? Are you a self-starter that is passionate about translating data into insights and insights into public impact?


      The Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services seeks candidates to help advance our use of data to improve strategies, executive decisions, and operations.


      Located adjacent to Washington DC, the department is one of the largest integrated Health and Human Services organizations in the country with a national reputation for innovation and service excellence. The department’s 1,850 employees serve over 100,000 vulnerable residents through more than 120 programs at over 20 locations in Maryland’s largest and most diverse county.


      The department has invested heavily in integrated data systems and analytics and seeks qualified candidates to help translate this data into impact for the County’s most vulnerable residents. Specifically, the department invites qualified candidates to apply to two new Data Program Manager II positions housed in the critical service areas of:


      1. Children, Youth, and Family Services: CYF’s mission is to promote opportunities for children to grow up safe, healthy, ready for school, and for families and individuals to achieve well-being and self-sufficiency. This mission is realized through the provision of protection, prevention, intervention, and treatment services for children.
      2. Services to End and Prevent Homelessness: SEPH’s vision is a home for everyone in Montgomery County, where the experience of homelessness is rare, brief, and one-time only. The mission of SEPH is to strive to be a leader in the work to end homelessness across our nation.


      Specific duties include:

      • Conducts complex studies and analyses of datasets to uncover performance trends using a wide variety of tools and systems including business intelligence software, customer relationship management software, geospatial mapping software, open data platforms, statistical analysis applications, data integration and manipulation tools and techniques.
      • Participates in or designs data analytics projects using qualitative and quantitative investigative techniques, fact finding methods such as interviews, performance evaluations, statistical analysis, surveys, site visits and observations.
      • Establishes performance metrics and works with management to identify problem areas and potential solutions. The candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with senior level leadership on various projects and initiatives.
      • Synthesizes and communicates complex ideas and information to management, other service area program managers and program stakeholders by developing user friendly presentations; dashboards, applications, online performance metrics and reports.


      Hiring criteria include:

      • •Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree.
      • •Experience (Education can substitute): Five years professional experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis; assessing complex data analysis; communicating with data; using data as a management tool and using traditional statistical data tools; dashboarding and data discovery; geospatial analysis, database query language; and/or advanced data science platforms.


      To apply to the Children, Youth, and Families data position (deadline: Dec 23), please use IRC#41012 at tinyurl.com/MCGJobSearch or go directly to bit.ly/data-pm-cyf


      To apply to the Services to End and Prevent Homelessness data position (deadline: Dec 13), please apply to IRC#41088 at tinyurl.com/MCGJobSearch or go directly to bit.ly/data-pm-seph


      Interested candidates are welcome—indeed, encouraged—to apply to both. We will begin to review resumes on December 13 for the SEPH position and December 23 for the Children, Youth, and Families position.


      About Montgomery County

      Montgomery County is located adjacent to Washington, DC and, with over one million residents, it is the most populous County in the State of Maryland. The County is also the most diverse County in the State and ranks among the top ten most diverse Counties in the nation. Montgomery County contains many major U.S. government offices, scientific research and learning centers, and business campuses.


      About DHHS

      The Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for delivery of the County's public health and human services that serve the needs of our community's most vulnerable children, adults and seniors. The Department provides services through more than 120 programs at more than 20 locations. With 1,750 employees, the Department of Health and Human Services is the largest County Department.



      As a Department, we believe health and wellness of the county can only be achieved by ensuring that every resident has fair opportunities to reach their fullest potential. This means access to quality housing, transportation, education, employment, health care, human services, safe neighborhoods and healthy food. DHHS provides critical services for residents who face a variety of obstacles in achieving their full potential. DHHS plays an essential role in building a healthy and strong community.