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    Tableau Online POPUP login windows, not as popup

    Federica Ferrarini

      Hello everybody,

      if I try to embed a dashboard from Tableau Online to my website, using the default embed code generated by Tableau itself under the Share menu, I get a blue button to access my site and then a popup window comes up with the form to enter my credential.



      Is there any way to have the login windows embdded in the page as well, and not as popup? Maybe there is something to change in the <div> code?

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          Iain Stewart

          G'day Federica,

          With the Tableau Online login page, that will always show as a pop-up - but There could be a way to get around what you'd like to do.

          You could create your own login page - which can then send the details through to Online, and then you can customize your logon button so once it's passed, it can then use the rest of the URL passed within a variable.


          I'm not 100% sure how you would achieve the above with code examples, but it would be possible by the right UI developer.