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    Embed Workbook with login pop-up not closing

    Luciano Zarlenga

      Hi, I have been using tableau online for a few years now, publishing different workbooks within the organization which are embed in a web page with wordpress. Each user has a different permit to view workbooks, so their sign-in details redirect them to their embed workbook.

      I mean, they have a wordpress user set to a specific page with the embed workbook. Upon login they are prompted with the tableau login which launches the pop-up window for the tableau credentials. Once the tableau login is done, the pop-up closes and the user is granted access only to their workbook.


      But recently we have noticed that when the pop-up appears, and you try to login, it would redirect you again to the tableau login, and then gives anyone full access to all the workbooks within the pop-up window.


      Has anyone been having a similar issue recently? I noticed that the link used to specify the web URL has changed. But even with the new URL it is still showing this problem. In the meantime we are disabling the users so they do not access all the information, but how can we solve this issue?


      Thanks in advance!