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    2019.4 isn't properly connecting online data source to desktop

    Amberly Armstrong

      Just like the title says, I open desktop 2019.4, open an existing workbook which has an existing connection to 3 data sources online and am prompted to 'edit connection'.

      I use the quick link 'Tableau Online' and am prompted to enter my credentials as usual, except once I click 'sign in' I am prompted a second time to enter my credentials. After entering my credentials for the second time and clicking 'sign in' the credential window partially loads my online home page. Not what I was expecting.

      In the past, I would expect to enter my credentials once, the sign in page disappears and my desktop continues by linking my workbook to the data source and allowing me to carry on. However, once I exit out of the box above, I'm still prompted to 'edit connection' and the cycle starts over again. It doesn't seem like the 'sign in' window is actually circling back and telling tableau desktop that I'm logged in and connected to the data source.

      What's going on here? Are there new steps in 2019.4 that I'm missing?

      My current solution is to just use 2019.3 which is working perfectly.