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    Top Products Each Month- how do I?

    Tessa Hauck

      Hi All, I am new to using Tableau online and have limited use of Tableau desktop (long, long ago, in a role at a different company...)


      I am working on a really great dashboard project but I am stumped.


      Here's the breakdown. We have hundreds of products but I want to see what our top ten sellers are, by month. In my dashboard, I want to be able to select a month and year to filter the results. Right now, I have a whole lot of noise.

      If I had a different version of Tableau (i.e. desktop) I could do this by creating a set. Unfortunately, this is one of the online version's limitations. I am sure that I can't be the first to pose a question like this, specifically for the online version, but I have yet to find an answer.


      Ideally, I would be able to display the Top Ten products and then group or bin the rest of the products as "All Other".


      I look forward to your suggestions!