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    TabPy service suddenly not working (need help ASAP)

    Stephanie Julia Valenzuela

      Hi All,


      We have successfully configured TabPy last July. We can connect and use the service with no issues in our Tableau Desktop and Server during this time.

      Now, we suddenly get an error when viewing dashboards using TabPy in the Tableau Server and also getting the same error in Tableau Desktop.

      tabpy error.jpg


      I have checked the host used by the TabPy server in a browser and the Tableau logo is no longer displayed instead I'm getting an error of "This page cannot be displayed".


      How can I check if TabPy is running or not using the TabPy server? How do I start it? How to check if it's still installed or not? Our TabPy server is a Linux server.

      I'm sorry if some of my questions doesn't make sense as I didn't do the setup of the TabPy server myself but I have access to the server.