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    ArcGIS Server Connection in Tableau - Now in Beta!

    Ashwin Kumar

      Update March 13, 2020: This feature has been released in the official Tableau Desktop 2020.2 Beta. Please sign up for the beta to check it out.



      The Tableau Maps Team would like to share a new feature, now in beta: the ability to connect to publicly available ArcGIS Server/Online data via REST endpoint.



      Please do not use this connector in a production environment. This connector is a pre-release version. It is possible that the workbook file format may change, which would result in the inability to open a saved workbook that uses this feature.


      Please contact Ashwin Kumar at akumar@tableau.com with any and all feedback.


      How to Use this Feature:

      1. Ensure you are using Tableau Desktop version 2019.4 or later. You can download a trial version of the software here: https://www.tableau.com/support/releases/desktop/2019.4.
      1. Open Tableau Desktop 2019.4+ and in the Connect screen, under “To a Server” in the left-side panel, click “More”.
      1. In the resulting menu, select “Web Data Connector”.

      1. In the pop up dialog, enter https://beta-connectors.tableau.com/esri/arcgis-server/1/arcgis-server.html and click Enter or click the green "Connect" button at the bottom of the dialog.

      1. You can now enter the Server URL for your ArcGIS Server, or other URLs as outlined below, to connect to your data.
      2. Please email Ashwin Kumar at akumar@tableau.com with any and all feedback.




      Known Issues/Limitations

      • Tableau’s Web Data Connector (WDC) framework only supports HTTPS endpoints. If an HTTP endpoint is entered, the WDC will attempt to connect to the equivalent HTTPS endpoint, and will throw an error if none exists.
      • Definition queries are not supported at this time.
      • The WDC requires an internet connection and the ability to reach https://beta-connectors.tableau.com/esri/arcgis-server/1/arcgis-server.html.
      • The WDC will support ArcGIS Server (AGS) versions 10.3.1 and higher.
      • The WDC will work with Tableau version 2019.4 and higher.
      • The WDC will always create an extract.  Live connections via WDC are not supported.
      • The WDC will only search for services of type MapServer and FeatureServer.
      • Esri Field Types of esriFieldTypeBlobandesriFieldTypeRasterare ignored.
      • Esri geometry types are limited to the following:








      • If the ArcGIS Server contains multiple layers/tables with identical names within a service, only 1 will be displayed.
      • Edit connectionmay throw an error `Invalid map <k,t>`. Closing the workbook and starting fresh solves the problem.
      • The WDC creates a data extract.  If opening the workbook which contains a connection to ArcGIS Server in versions of Tableau older than 2019.4, the workbook will still function, but you will be unable to refresh the extract.



      License Disclosures

      The Esri ArcGIS Server Connector makes use of the arcgis-to-geojson-utils open source library under the Apache License version 2.0. A copy of the license is available in the repository’s LICENSE file.