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    PDF page size and orientation

    Frank Seiffert



      I am currently setting up an alert for a workbook that consists of multiple dashboards all sized A4 and in landscape orientation. A merged PDF is exported. When trying to avoid exporting into US Letter page size I found this thread.

      I understand that changing orientation and page size via URL parameters in VizAlerts was not possible due to technical limitations of URL parameters and API functionality.


      Today you can specify the page size when downloading a PDF via an API call.


      Now I was wondering if in the meantime a functionality was introduced to specify the page size of a PDF export in VizAlerts or if there are any workarounds? For now, I simply rescaled our dashboards to fit the US Letter but a PDF in A4 would be much preferred.


      Thanks for your help!


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          Matt Coles

          Thanks Frank. Right now, VizAlerts does not use REST API calls to pull the PDFs, so we can't just pass a parameter through.   There's a version in-progress to support Tableau Online, which will embrace the REST APIs for this stuff, so it will get us closer to being able to use the API in the future.

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