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    Query View Data for dashboard with multiple sheets

    Ben Liger

      I am using the REST API to query view data for some of our dashboards.


      So far it has been working as expected and I am getting the data back no problem, however we previously only had 1 worksheet in the dashboard and since adding another additional worksheet to the dashboard the Query View Data endpoint now returns no data at all.


      The 2 sheets we have in the dashboard have the following function:

      • Data table sheet - this holds all the data
      • Filter sheet - this holds our filters for the data


      After reading through the documentation I do not see a way of selecting which sheet I want to query in my dashboard via this method. I also have the data table sheet as the primary sheet but it looks like this is not enough for the API to query this as a default.


      Would it be possible to confirm:

      1). Is there is an API method I am unaware of that will allow me to query a workbook that has more than 1 sheet's data?

      2). If there is any other recommended way around this