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    Problem connecting Tableau Online to Snowflake via Okta

    Glen Park

      Hello everyone!


      I'm currently in the process of evaluating Tableau Online as a replacement for our current reporting tool.  However I'm running into an issue when creating a connection between Tableau and Snowflake running through Okta MFA, I've read up on the documentation here:


      Snowflake - Tableau


      And I've found another forum post here:

      Tableau Desktop/Snowflake/Okta MFA


      I've followed instructions from both places and find that when I hit "sign in", it takes a long time to try and make the connection and it ultimately fails with an error "Resource Limit Exceeded, computing the current visualization has exceeded the resource limit".  This is confusing because I'm merely trying to connect to the data source, not do an extract.  Any suggestions are appreciated.