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    Unable to publish data sources with REST API 3.5 version on Tableau Server 2019.3.0

    ankita kulkarni

      Hi Tableau Developer's Team,


      We are using the REST API custom code in C# language which is used to perform the Data Source Publish on Tableau Server.

      The same API method call works fine when we are deploying the data sources on Tableau Server 2018.3.2 Which is having tableau API version 3.2.

      The same API Method is not working to publish the data source on Tableau Server 2019.3.0 with 3.5 as the tableau API version.

      I have attached the error message that we are getting while Publishing the data source's  using the REST API c# code.


      I kindly request the developer's team to provide your inputs and help us resolve this error as early as possible!!


      Thanks and Regards,

      Ankita Kulkarni