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    Merging Decimal + String Values with Nulls

    TD R

      Hi- I am trying to combine two different data types and round the values in one and use brackets and Percentage sign on the other.

      Decimal value data needs to be rounded to 2 decimal and use % sign only on index 5

      And String Values need to be in Brackets


      Index  Decimal   +  String             Result

            Value data      Value data

      1     23.6499991    Null                23.65

      2      452              7/1                  452(7/1)

      3     11.500000     32k                11.50(32k)

      4     Null               Null                   Blank

      5     4                  (454)                 4%(454)


      Is the desired result doable in tableau any ideas and suggestion are welcome.


      Thank you in advance.