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    Trend Chart Not Filtering Map

    Zoe Smith

      On my dashboard, I have a chart showing trend over time by week, and I have a map showing trend by Location. Both are driven by a parameter that changes the measure (calculated field) based on user selection. Both the chart and map have a filter for Location. The map also has a filter for week - but this filter does not apply to the trend chart (because I am showing all weeks).


      When I select a Location on the map, the trend chart is filtered to show the trend for that location. However, when I select a weekly value on the trend chart, the map nulls out. I have tried creating a dashboard action to filter the map using the chart, but have not been able to work around the issue.


      My question is this: can I create a workaround at all? Or is the map not filterable from the trend chart because there is a separate date filter (that does not apply to the trend chart)?


      I cannot post file due to sensitivity, but if this question is not making sense then I can try to plug in some dummy data.