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    Grouping / Creating a Hierarchy of Measures

    Chandler Ott

      I'm trying to create a filterable bar chart of how respondents answered a list of questions (some allowing multiple responses) and am having some trouble.  My goal is to have a bar chart with columns being Questions 1-9 and the values being total # of respondents for a particular answer to that question (with a color sort applied) while also allowing to filter for Job Functions / roles associated with that row.  In my data I created binary values for which answers each respondent gave for a question and listed the question before.   I've tried creating hierarchies of a Question (Q1 A) with its corresponding answers (Q1 A1, Q1 A2, Q1 A3, etc.) but can't get it to work correctly.  I basically just want to associate the measure responses with a dimension indicating the question (without any of the question/dimension's data coming through aside from a label / used as a


      What would be the best way to get this desired result? I'm not sure how to get the desired approach so the workbook right now is not where I'd like it to be.


      I basically just want a view like below, but with each answer choice grouped by question