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    Default tooltip is taking long time to show on published workbook

    Carlos Murillo

      HI I am new in the forum


      We are using Tableau 2018.2.2 (20182.18.0925.2120) 64-bit. and we are having an issue with some workbooks. The default tooltip is working fine in the desktop version(see image 1)

      Image 1


      But in the published version the default tooltip is showing when you click on the same column and data, but after more than 10 seconds (Image2) .This is happening with some specific workbooks. In others workbooks published some time ago, the default tooltip is working fine




      Can you help me to figure out why is this happening?

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          Andy Cooper

          Hi Carlos,


          There are a few things I can suggest, you may have tried all or some of these...


          You mention that this is only on certain workbooks but that others are not having the same issue so this leads me to suspect this may not be an environmental issue.  Are there are similarities between those that are slow that are not shared by the more performant workbooks?  Is this a specific tool-tip setting, maybe the same data source or perhaps busy tooltips?


          Have you tried to delete and re-publish the workbooks in question to see if this makes a difference?


          Within the tool-tip setting you can modify the responsiveness, have you tested changing these settings?





          Andy Cooper

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