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      • 15. Re: Accumulated until the current month
        Soumitra Godbole

        Hello again,


            I forgot to list the Parameters and calculated fields used to arrive at the solution.




           Year Parameter

        Parameter Year.png


           Month Parameter

        Parameter Month.png


            Note that the actual values are numbers 1 to 12 but are

            displayed as Jan, Feb ..... Nov, Dec



        Calculated Fields:


        Formula 1 - Created Date.png

        Formula 2 - Date Filter.png

        Formula 3 - MASTER.png

        Formula 4 - Dollar Amount.png

        Formula 5 - Amount this year.png

        Formula 6 - Amount YTD this year.png

        Formula 7 - Amount last year.png

        Formula 8 - Amount YTD last year.png

        Formula 9 - Amount Variation %.png

        Formula 10 - Amount YTD Variation %.png


        Once you have the above 10 calculated fields, you are ready to build the visual shown

        on the top in my earlier post. Hope this was helpful and answered your problem. Thanks !




        • 16. Re: Accumulated until the current month
          Soumitra Godbole

          Gracias Yunior ! You mean this is what you were looking for. I hope you have found it

          as I still haven't found what I'm looking for ( not the U2 hit from the late 80s).


          I have also listed in details, the calculation formulas used for creating the dashboard. Hope

          this is helpful, answers your question and is easy to follow. Best wishes and Hasta Luego !




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