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    Tableau Server Client Python API Issue

    Chung Lau

      Hi All,


      We have an issue with TSC API. Query to Users endpoint does not return all attributes described in UserItem class. Only 3 attributes (user, name, role) contains data. All other attributes are null. We are using AD authentication; thus, all users are from AD groups who have fullname, email, etc. Can someone confirm this behavior (AD users or local users)?


      The reference guide below lists available attributes:



      Here is how I get all users:

      def masGetAllUsers(): 

          asAllUsers, pagination_item = clsServer.users.get()

          return (asAllUsers)


      Here are attributes returned (using print (user) in Python):

      <User b2ede384-60b1-4844-9d70-7b66c3941d58 name=CLau role=ServerAdministrator>


      Thanks in advance.