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    My 1st Post!: Trying to find Callback Percentage

    Donnie Guthrie

      Afternoon, hoping someone can assist.


      I am extremely new to Tableau so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or assist with getting my proper calculation. Here's what I'm working with.

      I have call data (inbound, outbound calls, etc.) I don't want to share my data source because of the PI however I think you'll understand the calculation I'm attempting to create.


      Problem/Question: I've got many Unanswered phone calls, we are attempting to find out what the % of those have been called back. Ideally I'd like to also find out how many of these people have been called back within 3 days of the call being missed. This is pretty simple to do in excel however very manual.


      Columns from my data source include

      Location (We have two different locations: COB & RWC)

      I already have a calculation to get Unanswered calls: [FrontDesk Inbound]-[Total Inbound Answered]

      "Type" (<- this is a field) would need to = "Out" (for the outbound calls)

      I also have a "Date/Time" dimension, not sure if this can be used to figure out the timestamp for a call back to the unanswered call.


      If you'd need more info let me know.

      Thanks for any help you can provide!



      - Donnie