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    Scatterplot - 1. filtering a measure based on dimension - will data prep help?

    Joel MacRae

      Hi all,


      CONTEXT: I am trying to set up a viz where I compare the relationship between an electoral result and a range of demographic statistics. Ultimately, I would like to create something like what I have in the image take from excel below. Additionally, in Tableau I would like to set up a parameter control to allow the viewer to choose which demographic to compare to the electoral result (ie the First Preference on the X-Axis stays the says while the Y-Axis changes dynamically).



      ISSUE: So obviously I can do this in Excel but when I try to do it in Tableau I cannot seem to achieve the same. When I set up the worksheet in Tableau. I assume the problem is the way that I have set up the data - I have pivoted the data so that there is only one column of values. But I think I am doing something wrong with the pivoting - with first preference being a different data set to the demographic data and the demographic data having categories and sub-categories I am starting to get confused.


      Otherwise I assume its about setting up calculated fields for a parameter to choose the x-axis and y-axis dimensions. Either way I am getting myself confused.


      QUESTION 1: Ultimately, how do I create a scatterplot as seen above in Tableau? I have included the workbook.


      QUESTION 2: How should I prep and setup the data to be most effective for Tableau? I have included the original raw excel spreadsheet.