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    Simple If statement with one catch.

    Juan Jose Lavandero



      I have an if case, very simple but with one complexity.


      IF [Nombre del día] = 'Monday'

      THEN [Real actual Param]

      ELSE 0



      Is basically this, but with one catch. I need that in case [Nombre del día] is another day than Monday it should repeat the value for monday.


      As how is written now i have:


      Monday 54

      Tuesday 0

      Wednesday 0

      Thusday 0

      Friday 0

      Satudray 0

      Sunday 0


      And i need a formula that help me, repeating the values in monday, like:


      Monday 54

      Tuesday 54

      Wednesday 54

      Thusday 54

      Friday 54

      Satudray 54

      Sunday 54


      Hope i make it clear.


      Thanks in advance!


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