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    How do I get all unique values in column and count the occurrence by date?

    Daniel Lee



      I am using Tableau version number 2018.3.5 Desktop Professional version. I attached a simple dataset "demo_data_20191023_16_17.xlsx" to this post.


      You can see the screenshot of the dataset below:



      What I want to do is be able to get all the unique values from the "Type" column and count them by day. For the dataset above, there will be the following:

      • 2 As for 1/21/1990
      • 1 B for 1/21/1990
      • 2 Cs for 1/21/1990
      • 1 A for 1/22/1990
      • 2 Bs for 1/22/1990
      • 1 C for 1/22/1990
      • 1 D for 1/22/1990


      I eventually want to create a bar graph including the unique types and their occurrences by date.


      Please note that I'm looking for a generic way to detect the unique values in the "Type" column. The unique values for "Type" can vary. Some days might have more than 100 unique types. Other days might have fewer.


      Is there a way to do this in Tableau? If so, can someone show me how to do this? I would greatly appreciate it if you can include step by step instructions as well as attach a simple Tableau workbook demonstrating this. If you are attaching a workbook, please note that I am using Tableau version number 2018.3.5 and will not be able to open newer versions of Tableau.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!