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    Help understanding the workflow for created a data extract and publishing back to server

    Patrick Mcmahon

      Hi all!


      I have a data connection published on Tableau Server that consists of joins between DB2 and two separate Excel spreadsheets.  I've been able to publish that connection correctly and use it directly from the server.  Since the db2 table contains tens of millions of rows, it is slow as molasses therefore I want to create an extract of the data connection to use.


      I "think" I did that successfully yesterday (took several hours to create) and now I have a file xxxxx.hyper in my Datasources file on my local machine.


      I can connect to it via a new workbook and create views, etc. and it works great.


      However, when I go to publish the extract, from a view, using the Publish to Server dialogue on the Datasource, it does not give me the option to schedule the refresh for this extract...


      which I would have expected it to do, since the original data connection is a live DB2 databased + the join to the Excel spreadsheets.  I'm not expecting the spreadsheets to refresh, but I would expect that the DB2 data should be refreshed...


      Here is the Publish image:




      I "feel" like I may have done something incorrect in building the original Extract, that Tableau no longer thinks that the Extract has a relationship to the live data connection ... but that is purely speculation...


      Here is the Data Connection:




      Is there some challenge / issue / consideration that I need to deal with given the nature of the data connection (a DB2 DB and two Excel spreadsheets) ???


      My end goal for this was simple:


      1. Build a data connection on the server and publish (done!)
      2. Build an extract for that data connection (maybe did incorrectly ??)
      3. Publish the extract for that data connection back to the server ( TBD )
      4. Schedule the extract for a daily refresh so that the data is always up to date (TBD )
      5. Build views (myself and others) from the server data extract..


      Thoughts or pointers are most appreciated!!! Thanks!!!