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    Conditional formatting without affecting the overall total

    John Carmona

      Good morning team.


      When i use filters to manipulate the table, the numbers shown should be red or black, and the “Total General” values should be White. However, after i use filters and  when only 1 country appears, the “Total General” number’s color changes from White to red or black, and thus far i couldnt find the problem.

      Here is the formula used:


      IF MIN ([Subsidiary - Country])! = MAX ([Subsidiary - Country]) then
      "Total general"
      IF [Gap Files]> = 0 then


      This is the result:


      Multiple rows The "Total General " works correctly.




      1 row and the problem in the "General total":


      Total nott working.png


      I don't understand what happens and I would be very grateful for your suggestions.


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