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    Connecting different databases using different service account on same Tableau Server

    Vivek Pant

      Hi team,


      Kindly suggest the possible solution for one typical scenario we have encountered in our project. As shown below we have one tableau server instance running with some 'XYZ' service account configured. Using this service account we currently connect to a database Schema A. Now our requirement is to connect same Tableau instance to Database Schema B as well as some another sensitive database.


      The challenge here is we can not use the same service account to connect to these databases due to security reasons. As per the database team, if they grant access to Tableau service account for this another database, anyone else can connect to this secure database using the tableau service account credentials. We thought the solution to this could be having a separate site on the server with different service account. But later on found that all the sites on the server run on same service account. Kindly suggest if someone has implemented something similar (and help us avoiding purchasing a new server licence) and let me know if in case any further clarification is required from my side.