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    How would a .twb file published in Tableau Server reference its (published) .tde file?

    JD Bacolod

      We have an Alteryx Server that we wish to operationalize and monitor. We've got this Alteryx workflow, named Server Usage Report, that essentially queries the Alteryx Server's internal MongoDB database, do some processing, and outputs two files (I'm not too familiar to Alteryx FYI), a Tableau workbook (.twb) and a Tableau data extract (.tde), which is the datasource of the said workbook.


      As we are automating things, I'm currently researching of a way to publish these two files to our Tableau Server via the REST API. I'm following the instruction from here:


      Publishing Resources-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau


      My question is: If I am publishing two separate files, how would the published workbook know that the .tde that I uploaded is its own datasource?




      JD Bacolod