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    Dashboard Filter Issue


      In my tableau dashboard having 6 filters

      And 5 sheets


      One of the filter contains more than 1000 records

      In that filter, while I'm scrolling down my whole dashboard get refreshed

      I'm not able to select bottom values in the selected filter

      Even search function in the filter also not working


      all working fine in my tableau desktop 10.1
      the issue rise after publish into  embed environment 

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          Andy Cooper

          Hi Sachith,


          Possibly not the answer you are looking for but if your filter contains over 1,000 values then I'd suggest this isn't best surfaced to users as a drop down list - have you considered giving users a wildcard filter instead?


          Can you confirm how the same filter performs when not embedded?  I'm curious if this is related to your embed code or if this is consistent in both instances.  You mention being on version 10.1 of Desktop, this could potentially be an issue that has been resolved in a newer version of Tableau.




          Andy Cooper

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