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    TC19 Conference App - Problems?

    Erik Wempa



      Wow...great shirt!  I could never pull off horizontal stripes like that.  Good on ya, mate.


      So I downloaded the TC19 Conference App with great anticipation today.


      I have yet to register for a single session because all I'm getting is:  EXTERNAL API ERROR.


      I've connected via Wi-Fi.  I've connected to the Verizon Network (pulling data, no WiFi), and I get the same results either way.


      Does anybody know what's going on?  Is anybody having similar problems?


      Any info would be appreciated.




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          Bob Scharf



          I'm having the same issues every time I actually try to register on the app (and also getting an error when trying to go to the schedule builder on the web). I am successfully able to register about every 20 "attempts", so keep clicking on that star! I shot an e-mail to Tableau but haven't heard anything back yet, I'm guessing there are a bunch of us data nerds overloading their server

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            Ken Flerlage

            Yeah, you're not alone. It's the first day, so it's likely getting hit pretty hard. My advice would be to check back later or tomorrow (that's what I'll be doing).


            Also, cheap plug--please come to my session!!


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              Erik Wempa

              If I can ever register for anything, I will.  Thanks.

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                Aaron Meyerrenke

                Had the same problem all day.  It's finally letting me in and able to register for some sessions.  Unfortunately all Hands on Training sessions on Sets are already full.

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                  Don Wise

                  Hi All,

                  We just got an update that they're having problems with the database (API error) and are working with the vendor to get past that issue....the database powers both the schedule and web portal.  So you may see the same issue but reported differently depending on how you're accessing (whether through app or web portal).


                  Additionally, the session capacity is being rolled out over a period of days to allow other attendees an opportunity to get in and reserve sessions, so check back later today or tomorrow or next day and you'll likely see an opportunity to get in the session you want. 


                  If you have other issues related to TC19, you can email tcapphelp@tableau.com ; it would be good to give them screenshots.  Best, Don


                  Amanda Boyle

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                    David Marrel

                    I hope more become available because this has been a miserable experience so far.   This is my 6th conference, so you can tell I love and value them.  This year I have 2 brand new Tableau users coming with me.


                    We were on at 10AM when everything was supposed to be available.  It was very challenging to log in and look at the schedule.  It was impossible to reserve a seat.  We'd click the star, and all it would do is spin.  We tried for over 2 hours to reserve a seat and were unable to reserve a single session.


                    At 2PM, we were finally able to reserve sessions, but most of the ones we considered useful, especially hands on sessions for new users, were all full. 


                    Ignoring the technical difficulties, the way sessions are scheduled this year leaves large gaps in the day with no sessions.  At prior conferences, there were 15-30 minute gaps between sessions.  Admittedly that sometimes caused frantic rushes or people would rudely leave sessions early.  But this year I have 45 minute to 1 hour 45 minutes between sessions.  Maybe that's the scheduling app problem, but I feel like I'll be attending about half the sessions that I have in previous years.

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                      Erik Wempa

                      Thanks, Don.  Good info, and I'm glad to hear they'll be extending the session capacity over the course of a few days.

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                        Erik Wempa

                        Glad to hear I'm not the only one not thrilled with this app so far.  In the end, I got pretty much the schedule I wanted (including hands-on trainings I was eyeballing), with - surprisingly - only 30-45 minute gaps between.  So I have full days with a lot of stuff I wanted.  I just know others weren't so lucky (including lots of people from my company who are still struggling to get things booked).


                        Having said that, although things turned out well for me, it was CONSTANT tapping of stars and REPEATED error messages.  Definitely not a great experience.


                        Hopefully, your schedule situation works itself out.

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                          Ciara Brennan

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                            Toby Erkson

                            This is my 6th year as well

                            As you know, the schedule is not exact on day one and does change and grow as time moves closer to the conference week.  Everyone, keep checking back as some popular sessions may be repeated and thus added to the schedule, allowing you an opportunity to attend if prior ones were full.

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