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    What is best way to process Image Files ( if possible ) in tableau desktop

    Gourab Chanda

      Hi All


      This is my first post in tableau community and I am looking out for opinion on how to process image files ( .tiff ,.jpeg) and create visualization on the output files . Let me briefly explain the use case scenario , I have 30 image slides and each slides are required to be processed by a algorithm written in python to generate the JSON file . The output i.e. JSON file is required to be fed into tableau for the data visualization . I would like to know instead of running the process separately can we integrate the Python script in tableau which will provide me the JSON file and that JSON file can be used as the input for the data visualization ?? Alternatively is there any way where tableau can read the image files and create visualization , let's say microscopic slides images in .tiff format can Tableau process it directly through any integration .


      My second question is is it possible to allow the end users to upload files into tableau server and then based on the selection of the file and the dimensions and measures ( post the file selection ) the visualization is displayed . The ask is because if the user want to analyse what is the correlation between two measures and the user get the option to select the measures.


      1. Is it possible to build a feature where the end business user get the option to upload the files and based on that file the plots are shown by tableau ??


      It would be great to have everyone's opinion on the above problem statement and feel free to comment so that we can discuss on the same.


      Thank you