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    Tableau Prep - Inexplicable Error - Overwrite existing File on FTP not possible

    Martin Frutiger


      I need to send a small size .csv file on daily basis to a customer (outside AD). 

      The file is generated with tableau Prep, transport medium is an FTP account.

      So far so good, actually no rocket science.

      However, when runing the flow on the second or third or..x attempt (trying to overwrite the existing file), Tableau returns with an error:


      Error in output “Output”. The file location for the output step isn't valid.

      Click the Browse button and check that the file path in the Location field is valid and that you have write permissions to that location. 


      We don't see any FTP permission restrictions anymore (all permission ON except full control) on the FTP side, all checked carefully with our IT.


      Any idea what the problem is? Any alternative solution to distribute csv file?


      Thanks for you help and sharing your knowledge in advance.